Our story dates back to 1940, the year in which Amparo Oviedo Puerta founded the parent company that was later to develop into the Puerta group we know today: Puerta Costas, S.A., Vigomar 45, S.L. and Global Fish, S.L. amongst others.

In those days, the Port of Vigo was far from its current status as one of the most modern fish marketing hubs in the world. There was no fresh fish market, no stores, and fishing vessels had no freezer systems so they had to be supplied with ice to keep the fish fresh as it was transported across Spain by rail.

The company continued to flourish thanks to efficient management by Mrs. Dionisia Puerta Oviedo and brothers who, on retirement, handed it down to the founder of Puerta Costas, S.A., Mr. Atanasio Felipe Puerta Oviedo, who also set up Puerta López, S.L., also dedicated to marketing fresh fish.

In 1989, Atanasio Felipe founded PUERTA COSTAS, S.A. which took over the business of its predecessor, Puerta López. Then in 1990, Vigomar 45, S.L. opened to channel exports of frozen shark fins to Asia. Finally, in 1995, Global Fish, S.L. was created to manage fresh fish sales, whilst PUERTA COSTAS, S.A remained firmly based in the frozen fish sector.

Over the years, PUERTA COSTAS, S.A. has specialised in frozen ‘leather-skin’ fish (blue shark, mako shark, swordfish, tuna, etc.), as well as processed products made from those species. With such specialisation, the company has become a reference name on the market thanks to its excellent value for money, quality and service.