The Company

PUERTA COSTAS, S.A is located in the township of Mos, close to the port of Vigo. The facility has recently been refurbished and fitted out with a 700 tonne capacity cold store, a fish processing room equipped with cutting saws, a blast freezer, glazing unit, vacuum wrapping, heat sealing and packaging section, etc. as well as the skinning hall.

The company is dedicated to the wholesale marketing of headed and gutted frozen shark, swordfish or tuna (known as ‘leather-skin fish’), as well as whole, skinless white fish and other fish products. Apart from standard cuts (flat-steaks, cubes, fillets, etc.) of ‘leather-skin fish', we also supply a range of products made from species such as mahi-mahi, oilfish, escolar, marlin, etc.

PUERTA COSTAS, S.A stands out from its competitors thanks to the extraordinary quality of its raw materials, purchased directly from Spanish fishermen, and the keen price of its products. The company handles and controls the entire process: from the purchase of newly-caught fish at the quayside to the end product, with packaging and pallet-stacking also performed on the premises. Another important feature is that all of our products are backed by The Responsible Fishing Code of Conduct: "The right to fish includes the obligation to fish responsibly in order to guarantee the preservation and efficient management of marine fauna and resources."

PUERTA COSTAS, S.A. is currently undergoing an internationalisation process aimed at extending its customer base to the main emerging markets.